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A Helping Hand, Getting a loved one or friend out of jail can be an overwhelming, confusing ordeal. At Local Bail Bonds our Professional Bail Bondsman  are trained to make this an easy and pleasant transaction. Our simple system of questions and payment options insures that everyone that should be free is free on bond.
There are simple steps that are followed every time a bail bond is written insuring a quick and easy release of the defendant.  Local Bail Bonds in CT has years of experience to help you understand what your options are at the time a bail bond is executed. A decision whether to execute a bail bond, or not too, should be made after getting all the correct and important information  more info..
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Bail Bonds in CT, The State of Connecticut requires that every Bail Bondsman meets performance standards that include being licensed by the State Insurance Dept. to  conduct business. These  standards dictate the regulation of  rates that can be charged for a bail bond and include the  responsibilities of a Bondsman in the area of performance and ethics before and after executing a bond.  At Local Bail Bonds CT we advise that you be completely comfortable with our Bail Agents and ask any questions before committing to  helping a loved one or friend get out of jail. Click on “more info” to find out how Bail Bonds Premium Worksmore info..

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Are bail prices putting public at risk? Not CT Bail Bonds

Are bargain bail prices putting public at risk?

At Local Bail Bonds we believe the regulation of Pricing for posting a CT Bail Bond helps improve the Judicial System and provide an increase in public […]

State Officials Pull Plug On Jail’s $243k Body Scanner, Bail Bonds CT

Bail Bondsman in CT don’t have to deal with this, we just don’t have scanners.
You have to wonder who’s looking out for whom. I don’t know if this is how it works for Bail […]

Bail Bonds Scam

 Bail Bonds Scam
It’s important that you do your do diligence when looking for a Bail Bondsman in any State. In Connecticut the Bail industry is regulated so these kinds of things don’t happen. At […]

When Someone Calls From Jail What Questions to Ask?

When someone calls you from jail what questions to Ask?
If someone you care about has been arrested and been booked into jail your stomach isn’t going to feels so good. If  someone you care […]

5 Questions To Ask When Posting A Bail Bond in CT

5 Questions to Ask When Posting a Bail Bond in CT.
Getting someone out of jail is an emotional decision. Local Bail Bonds gets all the right questions answered before bail is posted. These questions […]

What is a Bail Bond?

What is a Bail Bond?
This is the explanation from

In general, an individual accused of a crime must be held in the custody of the court until his or her guilt or innocence is […]

Bail Bond Cost or Premium?

Bail Bond Cost or Premium?
Ready: No Surprises!! Know what your Bail Bond Cost or Premium will be.
The Bail Industry is regulated. Like most States, in CT the cost on a Bail Bond is set […]

How to Find A Bail Bondsman in CT

How to Find a Bail Bondsman
Finding a Bail Bondsman in CT today isn’t very hard when you use the internet. At Local Bail Bonds we suggest you find a Bondsman and Bail Bond Company […]

Bail Terms

You need to understand the language used in the Bail Bond Industry. 



Source: Black’s Law Dictionary

bail-jumping - the criminal offense of defaulting on one’s bail
bailee - a person who receives personal property from another as a bailment
bailer/bail […]

How do Bail Bonds Work in CT

How do Bail Bonds Work in CT
 Bail is a noun that means “the temporary release of an accused person awaiting trial, sometimes on condition that a sum of money be lodged to guarantee their […]